How it Works & Tips

I Create, YOU Print!
  • Print As Many or As Few As You Need.
  • Print at home or Upload to any of the online Photo Printing Services.
  • Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. for FAST One Hour Printing to the store nearest you.
  • Invitations will be created at the 4×6 size.  (Unless requested otherwise)
  • Mead makes a perfect “Invitation Friendly” envelope.
  • Some WalMarts include envelopes with the prints!! ASK if they do.


TIPS for sending the best photo for your order.

Please try and take the best quality pictures for the project. Outside shots are usually better, clearer, brighter. BUT be aware of dark shadows on the subject. Especially the face.  Also be aware of hot spots or too bright spots on the subject.

If full body shots are needed for your scene please take FULL BODY SHOTS, head to toe. Do NOT take pictures standing in grass or sand that will cover the feet. UNLESS your project will have a grass or sandy scene. If you want shoes on in your project wear shoes.  Please send ONLY pictures that you want used. (Changing AFTER PROOFS will delay production and may be charged).

Take pictures that will work with the scene, example;  Send a picture wearing a swim suit and in a surfing pose if your scene is a surfing one. Costumes/Clothing/Accessories can be added by us using computer graphics however for example, a swimsuit cannot be added to a fully clothed body.

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